Gas/Liquid Syringe Replacement Needles

Replacement needles are available for all of our removable needle gas/liquid syringes. The needles on the fixed needle syringes are not replaceable. In the event of damage the entire barrel must be replaced.

The replacement needles can be used to replace an existing damaged needle or to change the needle length or style on a syringe. All of the needles are interchangeable. These needles fit only the gas/liquid syringes and not the micro or double-action syringes.

All of these needles are sold in packages of 2 and include new PTFE seals. The Kel-F nut is not included with the needles since it is normally reusable. If you have damaged or lost the nut, a package of 6 is available as part number 185300.

Stock Gas/Liquid Syringe Replacement Needles
Part NumberPoint StyleLength (in) x GaugeID x OD (in)Price ($ per package of 2)
185282Sharp, non-coring1" x #220.016" x 0.028"51.00
185289Blunt (flat ended)1" x #220.016" x 0.028"48.00
185286Sharp, non-coring2" x #220.016" x 0.028"55.00
185290Blunt (flat ended)2" x #220.016" x 0.028"51.00
185287Sharp, non-coring3" x #220.016" x 0.028"50.00

Needle Accessories for Gas/Liquid Syringes
Part NumberDescriptionPrice ($)
185300Package of 6 PTFE seals for gas/liquid syringe needles. (One seal is included with each replacement needle.)37.00
185158Package of 6 of the nuts that hold the removable needles on the end of the syringe.58.00
185315Valve for syringe. These valves screw on to the end of the syringe between the needle and the barrel. Like the closure, the valve is used to seal the syringe so that it can be transported without undue concern regarding sample loss.111.00

These syringes are sold for laboratory use only. They are not suitable for medical, veterinary, or other uses.

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