Glenco® Glass/Liquid Syringes

The Gas/Liquid syringes have capacities from 50 µl to 100 ml and feature interchangeable glass barrels (so replacement barrels and plungers are available. They are available with either standard (fixed tension) plungers or with adjustable tension plungers. The adjustable tension plungers allow complete control of the syringe's pressure resistance.
The only wetted materials in the Gas/Liquid syringes are PTFE, borosilicate glass, and (only if a needle is used) stainless steel.

These syringes feature:

A variety of accessories are available for the gas/liquid syringes to extend their versatility.

Stock Gas/Liquid Syringes
Part No.SizeNeedle
Adjustable PlungerConventional Plunger
Removable Needle
19925A series
Removable Needle
19925 series


1851910.1 2"220.006"0.028"


1851930.5 2"220.016"0.028"

1851941 2"220.016"0.028"

1851952.5 2"220.016"0.028"
1852101853905 2"220.016"0.028"
18521118539110 2"220.016"0.028"
18521218539220 2"220.016"0.028"
18521318539350 2"220.016"0.028"

Because these syringes have PTFE-tipped plungers, the plungers and barrels within a nominal size are interchangeable. Replacement barrels and plungers are available.

Replacement needles are available for the removable needle syringes. These may be used to change the style of needle on the syringe or to replace a bent or clogged needle. A list of the available needles is available here. All of these syringes are stocked with sharp, non-coring needles, generally any of the replacement needles at no extra charge if the request is made at the time of the order.

These syringes are sold for laboratory use only. They are not suitable for medical, veterinary, or other uses.